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Step into the future with ddSuite, the avant-garde software by DDC Schweiz AG. This isn't just infrastructure management; it's a symphony of efficiency. Picture effortlessly navigating colossal structures, triggering service orders, and generating invoices—all in a digital heartbeat.

What sets ddSuite apart? Imagine a world where data isn't just stored but intelligently linked, ensuring rock-solid integrity. With its "open architecture," ddSuite isn't just a solution; it's a leap into Industry 4.0, a futuristic marvel tailored for companies ready to transcend the ordinary. Welcome to ddSuite, where the future of management unfolds seamlessly.

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Service Order Management
  • Invoicing
  • Intelligent Data Linking
  • Non-Sequential Data Storage
  • Open Architecture
  • Advanced Solution for Companies
  • Offline Mode
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1st February 2022
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Project Summery

Overall, DDSuite is a comprehensive software solution designed for efficient and advanced management of infrastructure objects, with capabilities for service order management, invoicing, intelligent data linking, and adherence to Industry 4.0 standards through its open architecture.